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 Why does the Town of Bentley matter to residents, investors, and visitors now and in the future? What makes Bentley different or better than other places, and what do we want to be known for? 

The Town of Bentley is developing a new Brand that will work to answer these questions. 

What is a Brand? Think of it as an iceberg… The part you are sure to see includes a new logo and a redesign of the Town website, as well as such things as signage, banners, and even some marketing and advertising. 

The bigger part you won’t see so readily above the waterline includes vision, strategy, and communications… where and what the Town of Bentley wants to ambitiously head toward, where it sees opportunities for strategic community and economic development actions to effectively communicate this vision of the future and attract new residents, visitors, and investment, and how it can work to build community pride through all of its positive impacts. 

A really great brand is more than just a new logo or website. More than just the tip of an iceberg, it’s about the whole iceberg. The best brands are: 

Aspirational — Identifying and pursuing a community’s ideal vision of itself, and enabling transformational plans for strategic community and economic development actions that will work to reach these ambitious new horizons; 

Bold — Leveraging great “dare to be different” marketing salesmanship to break through a world of noise and connect with the people a community needs to thrive in the future; and 

Expressive — Effectively communicating and celebrating what makes a community distinct in a competitive world where investment, residents, and visitors have a world  of choice. 

Brand gives us a gateway through which to answer deep questions at the soul of our community: What if we could achieve the exceptional, and what legacy do we want to leave behind for our children and grandchildren? 

Today, the Town of Bentley can be appreciated for its small-town connectivity, friendliness, and affordability. Location within the dynamic Red Deer region presents many economic and community development opportunities. However, Bentley’s population is roughly the same as it was 20 years ago, and it has a comparatively small non-residential tax base; which can be a challenge when it comes to investing and re-investing in infrastructure and amenities. 

This rebranding initiative provides the Town of Bentley with an opportunity to have its residents look back on 2022 as a landmark year: The year we set a new, ambitious horizon line for our community, and for our future. 


We need your input and ideas! 

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